Gone to the Dogs title over a view of the Grand Promenade and a close up of Jack the Dog.
DVD Cover sleeve


An R & R Production.
Produced By Mark Riley and Ian Fitzgerald.
Directed by Philip Barnard. UK. Colour. Widescreen. 21 minutes. Certificate 12.

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DVD Cover sleeve
Dora Bryan as Rose Dora Bryan as Rose

Dora tries out some slapstick on Cracker Cassie who plays the Suicide Mutt Hastings Pier viewed from West promenade

Gone to the Dogs is the shaggiest dog story ever told, a riotous canine comedy starring Tony Booth (actor and father-in-law to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair), BAFTA and Olivier Award-winning actress Dora Bryan and a supporting cast of 15 dogs trained by ex-Boomtown Rat, Gerry Cott. Shot on location in the glorious British seaside town of HASTINGS in East Sussex.

For more information about the stars, visit the LEADS page.

Gone to the Dogs is a surreal tale about an old man who turns into a dog. When wayward Jack retires to the seaside with his wife Rose, he discovers that life isn't just a one-way ticket. After a fatal heart attack he returns to earth as a scruffy mongrel and is unwittingly adopted by his widowed wife. So begins a bizarre journey of self-discovery as Jack struggles with his new existence and finally learns what a good marriage is all about.

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Tony Booth as Jack Tony Booth as Jack

Jack strikes his final blow in Flamingo Park Cracker who plays Jack the Dog Jack and Rose's bungalow
Steve Annis checks the focus Cracker and Bobby with trainer Vivien and handler Joan Viven Deakin takes Rocky the poodle through his moves


Supporting Gone to the Dogs as a DVD extra is the "dogumentary" Shooting Dogs, directed Raj Yagnik of WIRED VIDEO. This is no ordinary making-of documentary but a slice of animal magic and a must-see for dog enthusiasts and trainers alike.

Meet Cracker the star of the movie and her trainer Vivien Deakin as they prepare for this unique British comedy. See wrangling secrets revealed as several talented breeds perform astonishing tricks for the camera. Hear expert advice from the film's seasoned animal action supervisor Gerry Cott, who also worked on cinema classics such as A Private Function, Babe and The Adventure of Greyfriars Bobby.

To read biographies of the dogs, visit the LEADS page.


Also included on the DVD is a BBC South West news feature shot on set between takes at the Flamingo Park in HASTINGS. This lively report includes interviews with the stars and writer-director Philip Barnard.

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Cameraman Nick Gordon Smith Dora teaches Effie the Staffy some new camera tricks Vivien lines up Cracker for the final scene
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A packed DVD and collector's edition booklet


  • Film Gone to the Dogs
  • Documentary Shooting Dogs
  • BBC Feature
  • English, French & Spanish Subtitles
  • 12 Page Collector's Edition Booklet
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    A packed DVD and collector's edition booklet

    For more information on Gone to the Dogs, visit the BAFTA-nominated website www.gone2thedogs.com

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    The Canine Cast - Rocky, Jackson, Clover, Cracker, Ed, Effie and Cassie.