The film takes place in an eerie stylised town that is half Carry On and half Stepford Wives. On the surface it’s a pleasant seaside resort, but the dogs are definitely up to something. A scruffy mutt attempts suicide by jumping in front of a car, a pack of disgruntled pets eavesdrops on a café conversation, and who knows what those wild feral bitches are up to on the beach. Mixed with this surreal atmosphere is an unashamedly bawdy humour, forever associated with the traditional British seaside town.

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The producers travelled all over the south coast of England in search of ideal locations for the film and eventually found them in Hastings and neighbouring St Leonards. These towns boast a unique blend of faded glamour and holiday nostalgia that’s as authentic as fish and chips. Every last detail of the classic seaside resort can be enjoyed here: greasy cafés, funfairs, eccentric seafront houses, a rickety pier and a devilish crazy golf course. The perfect setting for bizarre British comedy!

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